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Secretary General

His Excellency Abdulla Abdul Rahman Al Shaibani - Secretary General of the Executive Council of Dubai

His Excellency Abdulla Abdul Rahman Al Shaibani has assumed the position of Secretary General of the Executive Council of Dubai since 2009. He also held a number of important administrative positions in the public and private sectors and non-profit organisations.

He previously held the position as Assistant Director General of Dubai Municipality for Technical Services, Director of the Department of Procurement and Contracts, Director of the Public projects and Maintenance Department, and Head of the Projects Department of the Planning Department in the municipality. He has extensive experience in dealing with various government matters, projects and tasks required at the local level.

His Excellency holds a Master's degree in business administration from the American University of Sharjah, and earned his Bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the Metropolitan University of Colorado in the US.

The Secretary General performs the following tasks:
• Preparing studies of the initiatives and projects approved by the Chairman.
• Following up the implementation of resolutions and recommendations issued by the Executive Council, preparing various reports for the Council.
• Following up the preparation of the annual budget project and final accounts of the General Secretariat and submitting them to the Chairman for approval.
• Preparing the Executive Council meetings schedules in coordination with the departments.
• Approval of the meetings’ minutes, and constantly notifying the departments for the various activities of the Council and the dates of the meetings.
• Overseeing the documentation of the work, decisions and recommendations of the Council.
• Proposing systems and procedures that contribute to the improvement and development of the General Secretariat’s works.
• Completing the daily affairs of the General Secretariat and implementing its approved policies and plans.
• Preparing and developing the work guide of the Executive Council.
• Any other duties assigned by the Chairman.