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To accelerate achievement of plan objectives and promote happiness, The Dubai Plan 2021 futureXchanges runs on March 20 and 21


In line with the vision of the wise leadership of the UAE to enhance happiness and provide well-being and a decent life for all, the “futureXchanges,” held as part of the Dubai Plan 2021 Creative Labs, will kick-off on Monday, March 20, 2017. The futureXchanges aim to accelerate the achievement of plan objectives and address the challenges faced by working teams during the implementation phase. Organized by the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai, this event is a critical step towards strengthening Dubai’s position as a global leader and translating Dubai Plan 2021 aspirations into tangible outcomes that serve the people and their happiness in the emirate.

Held at the Pearl Jumeirah, the two-day event brings together experts, government representatives, the private sector, and the civil society to discuss key issues related to the Dubai Plan2021 in a creative setting incorporating debates, workshops, and entertainment. Discussions are centered on eight strategic topics linked to Dubai Plan 2021.


In tune with the visions of Dubai

Commenting on the launch of the event, Secretary-General of Executive Council of Dubai, Abdullah Al Shaibani said: "This annual Dubai Plan 2021 meeting that gathers our partners in the implementation strategic programs is very important to stay up-to-date on the progress of work and developments and discuss the challenges faced by the implementation teams to ensure we can overcome obstacles that may hinder the achievement of plan objectives by 2021. This year the meeting will discuss the implementation plans for a number of strategic programs that contribute to bringing happiness and enriching the living experience of every individual in Dubai.”


He added: "The issues to be discussed during the “futureXchanges” are in harmony with the goals and objectives of Dubai Plan 2021, which sets out the future visions of Dubai. The participating teams will detail the roadmap to create a city that is the preferred place to live, work & visit, with a government that proactively and creatively serves the individual and society; a smart and sustainable city that is innovative in managing its resource, and one that is based on a strong and sustainable economy.”


Brainstorming with decision makers

“The ‘futureXchanges’ this year is vital for the Dubai Plan 2021 as it will address key issues and highlight the best and most suitable solutions to accelerate their implementation and drive Dubai to be among the best cities in this dynamic and fast-paced world," said Aisha Abdullah Miran, Assistant Secretary-General for Strategy Management and Governance Sector.

“The futureXchanges focuses on a number of key themes relating to the plan. In line with leadership's directives, the discussions will not be exclusive to government and private stakeholders, but will involve civil society, students, youth and parents, in addition to the involvement of decision-makers and a selection of specialists and experts in each session,” she added.

Miran also confirmed that the final report of the “futureXchanges” will be published shortly after the conclusion of the event, and will be a key input into the “Dubai Pulse” report which outlines progress in the achievements of Dubai Plan 2021 objectives and the implementation of strategic programs.


The “futureXchanges”

Aiming at turning Dubai into a city of happy, creative & empowered people supported by an inclusive & cohesive society, and living in a smart & sustainable space that is the preferred place to live, work & visit, and a pivotal hub in the global economy, with a pioneering and excellent government, the 8 topics addressed in the “futureXchanges” are in line with within the Dubai Plan 2021 themes, as follows:


1.     A Generation for our Nation: Discuss key challenges and propose innovative solutions to enhance the educational outcomes for Emirati students in private schools.

2.     My Name is Ibrahim: Develop a comprehensive system of care for autism that integrates health, education, and social policies, and suitable interventions.

3.     People Not Cars: Enhance social cohesion and quality of life through the urban redesign of public spaces and streets to drive happiness.

4.     Resolution First: Avail alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to address real estate and labor cases.

5.     Secure Cyberspace: Discuss key challenges and security breach risks linked to the most common electronic crimes.

6.     The Capital of Aviation Industry: Establish Dubai as a capital for aviation industries by building a sustainable and integrated aviation ecosystem and cluster.

7.     Pioneering Pharma: Identify pharmaceuticals and medical devices mix to drive Dubai’s pioneering position in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

8.     A Click Away: Expedite industrial licensing through the implementation of an integrated single portal.