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‘Dubai Font’ story to be aired across all Emirates flights


Reinforces its efforts to help Dubai reach the rest of the world

 Emirates airline today announced a partnership with The General Secretariat of The Executive Council of Dubai, which will see it air a video describing the ‘Dubai Font’ story to flyers from around the world. Designed to reflect the modernity and culture of innovation that exists within Dubai, the video will see the city further cement its reputation with visitors as a modern and global cultural hub.

The five minute video describes the exciting transformation that the city of Dubai has undertaken in recent years, and the work that has been carried out over the last 18 months to design the new font. Designed in cooperation with Microsoft, it is the first font to be created by a city and named after it, under the directives of HH Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and Chairman of The Executive Council.

Commenting on the announcement, HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates airline and Group, said: “As the video explains, expression knows no boundaries or limits. This mantra formed the basis for the new font, and it is an expression – and an ambition – that is very much shared by everyone at Emirates. It is a testament to Dubai’s thirst for innovation, led by an ambitious leadership that refuses to rest on its laurels.”

“Dubai has always prided itself as a cultural hub, and a city that bridges people and cultures. As such, it only made sense for Emirates to support our leadership’s vision. Our global reach, combined with Dubai Font’s status as a powerful tool for self-expression and communication in the region and around the world, made this the perfect marriage. We’re confident that Emirates passengers will enjoy the video greatly, and will come away with an enhanced appreciation of the role that Dubai is playing in the world today, “ he continued.

For his part, H.E. Abdullah Al Shaibani, Secretary General of The Executive Council of Dubai, said: “As both a local success story, and a global leader in their field, Emirates airline is a natural fit for this sort of partnership. We are delighted with their eagerness to transmit the Dubai Font story to the rest of the world – a move that we believe will help solidify Dubai’s position as a forward-thinking city that is consistently on the cusp of innovation.

“Dubai Font was designed based on the core principles that have turned Dubai into a remarkable symbol of success, freedom of expression and tolerance – principles that, through this partnership, we are working to introduce to the rest of the world. We hope that the video leaves a lasting impression on all passengers flying on Emirates and through Dubai.”

For his part, Mr. Ahmad Al Mahri, Assistant Secretary General of the Executive Council and General Secretariat Affairs, said: “Dubai Font is not just a digital medium for expression, but it also combines the past with the present – our traditions with our thirst for innovation. As the video notes - expression is strength and freedom. It defines who you are. The challenges that our team faced in putting this font together were numerous, but the fruits of their hard work are now taking shape. Our hope is that this partnership will allow individuals from all over the world to express themselves, solidifying the forward-thinking vision of our leadership.”


The font, now available to more than 100 million users of Microsoft Office 365 around the world, is the first font to be created by a city and named after it. Designed for more than 180 countries and 23 languages integrating Arabic and Latin typefaces, Dubai Font, will soon expand over the next phase to include more languages.