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"My Community ... A City for Everyone" is an ongoing commitment to enhance the quality of care and empower persons with autism and their families


A significant step was achieved in the Dubai Disability Strategy roadmap, which aims at empowering and including persons with disabilities in society by ensuring their full rights and reducing all forms of discrimination, in line with the guidance and vision of our leadership.

In line with World Autism Day (April 2), the role of the Government of Dubai is to improve the availability and quality of integrated health, education and social care for persons with autism and other developmental disorders in order to promote their participation and inclusion into society by implementing the Dubai 2021 Plan and the Dubai Disability Strategy to transform Dubai into a disability-friendly city.

On the occasion of the International Autism Awareness Day, HE Abdulla Al Shaibani, Secretary General of the Executive Council of Dubai, Deputy Chairman of the Higher Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, said: "The community-based initiative has achieved positive results in understanding the social fabric in the emirate. The vision of Dubai 2021 is to create an inclusive, cohesive and mutually supportive society in establishing Dubai's status globally in the field of individual happiness. This is an expression of a vision that the Government of Dubai has achieved through inspiring hope for people of autism and their families to achieve their full potential and experience happy and fulfilled lives on equal basis with other members of society”

"We see the gradual impact of the" My Community ... A City for Everyone "initiative where we have been able, through ongoing and continuous efforts from the government agencies, families and civil society organizations, to make great strides in promoting the rights of persons with disabilities and enhancing opportunities and including them into society. In order to move towards greater achievements through the Dubai Disability Strategy, we have to further develop appropriate legislations, policies and programs to promote empowerment, justice and equality to realise our common human values".

Shaibani also said that since the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Local Law No. (2) of 2014 on the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities in Dubai, To ensure that persons with disabilities enjoy all their rights, to promote respect for them, to preserve their dignity and to highlight their abilities in building and development, the Government of Dubai has committed itself to the importance of community inclusion through the development of appropriate care and rehabilitation programs to ensure a bright future for them and their families.

HE Khalid Ahmed Al Mubarak Al Shamsi, CEO of Dubai Healthcare City Authority, said: "The Conference on Systems of Care for Autism Spectrum Disorder "is a pioneering step for the Emirate of Dubai as it is the first of its kind to discuss the integrated concepts of care for people with autism.

“We are ALL Ibrahim: Dubai Declaration for Autism”

On the occasion of the International Autism Awareness Day and aligned with the "Systems of Care for Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Global Perspective" conference organized by Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, in collaboration with the Harvard Medical School Center for Global Health Delivery–Dubai,

, March 30th-April 1, the “We Are ALL Ibrahim” DUBAI DECLARATION FOR AUTISM, the Government of Dubai is committed to developing the Dubai System of Care for Persons with Autism that will:

·       Adopt this Declaration with the objective of promoting stronger and coordinated actions in Dubai towards the development of a SYSTEM OF CARE FOR AUTISM throughout the lifespan.

·       Unite key government departments, disability specific organizations (DPOs), private providers, academia and key [self] advocates to establish an AUTISM WORKING GROUP promoting a supportive legislative and policy environment for the provision of care and the social inclusion of people with autism and their families.

·       Task the appropriate parties the priority actions as outlined in the Dubai System of Care for Autism 100-Day Plan to realizing the goal of establishing an seamless integrated system of care for autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders in Dubai that includes increasing AWARENESS of autism and the rights of persons with autism; developing a HEALTH PLAN from early detection, assessment, treatment and intervention; developing an EDUCATION PLAN to include students with autism in early years, schools, vocational, alternative and tertiary level education; and developing a SOCIAL INCLUSION PLAN to promote the self-determination, independence and inclusion of people with autism while ensuring the families are supported and empowered.

·       Improve availability & capacities of PROFESSIONALS and the quality of services via appropriate REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS OF PRACTICE for operators and professionals in the health, education and social sectors.

·       Secure partnerships with relevant international, regional and local academic, research and service level organizations to promote INNOVATION and RESEARCH on the care, supports and habilitation services in the context of and integrated system of care model.

·       Mobilize and allocate human and FINANCIAL RESOURCES for the stepwise implementation of the identified priority actions in health, education, and social settings.