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The Executive Council

On 24th February, 2003 the late Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in his capacity as the Ruler of Dubai, issued a law establishing The Executive Council of Dubai, which read as follows:
Executive Council Establishment and in the light of the law referred to, The Executive Council of Dubai has been formed by Law No. (3) of 2003 on the establishment of an Executive Council for the Emirate of Dubai. The Executive Council is the main decision-making government entity in Dubai, with regard to maintaining the city’s security and order, providing public utilities and achieving economic and social progress in the city.
The Executive Council of Dubai is tasked to:

1. Set high-level policy for  the Council  in various fields under the supervision of the Ruler , and supervise its implementation.
2. Take the measures necessary to implement federal laws including developing laws, statutes, decisions and local orders.
3. Endorse draft laws and decrees ahead of submitting them to the Ruler for final approval and issuance. It also takes decisions necessary for implementing these laws and decrees.
4. Prepare the draft annual budget and follow up on its implementation after its approval, and prepare the closing account.
5. Endorse development plans and monitor their implementation after their approval.
6. Approve draft regulations and issue them upon approval from the Ruler.
7. Supervise the sound implementation of laws, regulations and decisions.
8. Endorse agreements signed with oil companies.
9. Establish and organise government departments, institutions and authorities in line with the interests of the emirate, and monitor these entities’ work.
10. Supervise work coordination among departments and ensure their sound workflow.
11. Any other tasks assigned to the council under this law.