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Programs and Initiatives

Hamdan bin Mohammed Programme for Smart Government
On 19th June, 2013, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, the Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart Programme for Smart Government, which aims to lay down the foundation for a smart government through developing the government work system.
The programme aims to ensure providing the necessary support to government entities in the emirate for implementing and upgrading the government work system in different entities in Government of Dubai. It also encourages, supports and organises the government efforts in this field, to ensure transforming the vision of the higher leadership to a tangible reality in an organised and studied way. Other topics the programme entails include the Hamdan bin Mohammed Award for smart government, competencies programmes for the leaders and service stars, as well as smart applications for employees and customers. Read More

The Hamdan bin Mohammed Award
This Award aims at encouraging and honouring the government entities that achieve remarkable and sustainable improvement in their public services, and appear as an exceptional example and model in this domain. It also aims to cast light on teams of leaders and public service providers for their effective role in pushing forward the wheel of positive change. Read More

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Students Personal Development Programme
The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Students Personal Development Programme was launched under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, out of his keenness and interest in education as a basis of construction and the most important pillar of development in today’s modern societies. The program is the fruit of a joint cooperation between the General Secretariat of the Executive Council, Dubai Government Human Resources Department, Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai and Dubai Educational Zone.

General Network of Government Communication
The Network is a platform consisting of communication leaders working in government entities. It works on building an integrated system for government communications in the government of Dubai, as well as coordinating between government entities in the field of communication through the application of the general guide for government communications in departments, entities and institutions of Dubai Government.
The aim of the General Network of Government Communications, which was established in June 2009, is to unify efforts and working methods in the field of communication at all levels within a clear policy based on the principles, requirements and outputs of government communication, and the distribution of roles and responsibilities to serve Dubai Strategic Plan.
The website of the General Network of Government Communications represents an interactive platform to coordinate communication activities among government agencies and to exchange experiences and knowledge with each other. It also serves as a channel to exchange information in order to communicate effectively and efficiently with partners.

General Guide for Government Communication
The General Guide for Government Communication forms a major framework for the communication management system. It also represents a roadmap for government entities in the field of communication, as it establishes the basic principles of government communications represented in the interaction with the public, the consolidation of the use of the Arabic language, the activation of all means of communication, as well as encouraging employees to communicate and express their opinions. The guide establishes the concept of public service, and coordinating among government entities within the framework of an integrated system for government communications in the Government of Dubai.

The Dubai Partnership Agenda
The Dubai Partnership Agenda (DPA) is one of the strategic government initiatives that seeks to consolidate and increase cooperation between the public and private sectors, and the community in general. This initiative represents an important platform for interaction and open consultative dialogue between government entities, private sector organisations and various segments of society in order to produce recommendations subject to review and lead to policies and initiatives that support the implementation of the Dubai Strategic Plan.

DPA highlights topics that require development in relation to public interests and in accordance with the Dubai Plan, the UAE Federal Government Strategy and the UAE Vision 2021. It is responsible for developing the dialogues’ agendas with the participation of the concerned parties, and works on producing and studying innovative recommendations, and monitoring their implementation with the concerned authorities. Accordingly, the recommendations and outputs of DPA have wide-ranging effects, as in the recommendation of the guide of national identity for schools adopted by the Ministry of Education to be used by public and private schools across the UAE.

DPA serves as a link to increase communication and cooperation between the concerned parties to achieve the common goals and objectives, considering the private sector and the different segments of community key partners to the government sector, which seeks to take advantage of the expertise and activities of the private sector.

The benefits of DPA are not only limited to producing recommendations, discussing topics, addressing specific details and sharing private information during discussion sessions are of great value too, and are no less important than the recommendations and the outputs.

Detailed discussions and open dialogue help the government and private sectors and the various segments of society to understand the different points of view, in order to achieve the aspirations and expectations of all parties.

The General Secretariat of the Executive Council plays a vital role in the management of the DPA sessions, starting from selecting the topic according to a set of criteria, and contributing to the initial studies based on strategic administration, government communications, excellence and government services.

The General Secretariat of the Executive Council also prepares post-session reports and submits the results to the Executive Council and the respective Sector Committee. It circulates the report to the concerned entities for their feedback, and oversees and follows up the implementation of the approved recommendations.

My Community - A City for Everyone
“My Community - A City for Everyone” is an initiative that aims to fully transform Dubai into a friendly city for persons with disabilities by 2020. The initiative provides an overarching framework for the emirate's efforts to enable and empower persons with disabilities. It also aims to maximise the participation and inclusion of this important category, which is an integral part of the society, and to overcome all the obstacles people with disabilities face, which may stand in the way of them positively engaging and integrating in their social environment as productive and creative individuals.

The vision of “My Community - A City for Everyone” is to transform Dubai into a city friendly to the disabled by 2020, by launching a set of laws, legislative frameworks and initiatives. These will contribute to the enhancement of an infrastructure that provides access to all facilities, and enables them to benefit from all services in Dubai. It will also ensure the provision of inclusive healthcare, education and employment to all persons with disabilities, as well as supportive social services, and create a broad societal awareness that contributes to integration of people with disabilities and the enhancement of their participation in community development.

The Dubai Smart Training Initiative
The Dubai Smart Training Initiative is one of the Dubai Government Excellence Program initiatives, and is considered to be the first of its kind in the world. It aims to build strong government human resource abilities to excel in areas of excellence, innovation, quality and government excellence program applications. It also aims to make training a fun and effective experience by using smart technology and multimedia so that employees can perform their training in an interactive way, anytime and anywhere. Read More

The Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition
This is a national initiative that brings into focus the achievements, initiatives, developmental projects, services and future plans of leading government entities, departments and institutions. It aims to introduce the local and international community to the achievements of the various government entities, promote the image of Dubai government excellence, strengthen partnerships between government entities, create new opportunity for the development of performance, strengthen partnerships between government entities and the private sector and encourage outstanding practices at both individual and institutional levels. Read More

Dubai Font
HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, directed the General Secretariat of the Council to partner and work with Microsoft to design the Dubai Font. Sheikh Hamdan said, “The Emirate of Dubai, as usual, and with its ongoing efforts to occupy the top rank internationally in various areas, will create a new and memorable imprint in the digital world through this initiative, which is in line with its clear strategy based on a solid foundation in a move designed to reflect the vision of our wise leadership to achieve leadership and innovation.” This project is one of Dubai’s key initiatives for 2017. This is in line with the national strategy for innovation, launched by Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Read More