Dubai Government Brand


Dubai Government Brand

A unified identity is the key to providing a consistent image of the Government of Dubai to the public a platform the Government uses to develop and strengthen its relationship with the community.

The government identity is one of the main components for a successful Government Integrated Communication System. It is the result of the collaboration between government entities to achieve harmony and unite the public image to preserve the unified identity of the Government, ensuring that the Government of Dubai is a benchmark for government communications.

The identity of the Government of Dubai embodies the Emirate's personality and echoes both its deep-rooted history and its vision for the future. To ensure the Dubai Government Brand is implemented and preserved successful by all government entities and sub entities, The General Secretariat of the Executive Council developed Dubai Government Identity Guidelines.

Dubai Government Identity Guidelines

Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum -Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, the identity of the Government of Dubai was launched in March 2008, with the aim of preserving its public identity and highlighting the entities operating under the Government of Dubai in a united manner that reflects their affiliation, maintains their privacy and logos, and achieves harmony and coherence among them.

The General Secretariat of the Executive Council aims to achieve a unified identity for the government of Dubai that reflects the identity of government entities under its umbrella, while maintaining their privacy and own logos. In addition, it ensures populating specific standards that outline general frameworks to highlight the identity of government entities.

The General Secretariat of the Executive Council is responsible for managing and implementing the identity of the Government of Dubai and ensure it remains independent. According to The General Guide for Government Communication issued in May 2009 (Executive Council Resolution No. 10/2009), each government entity manages its identity in line with these guidelines. The General Secretariat is also committed to providing identity applications in government entities when reviewing or modifying logos or when requested.

The unified advertising strategy under the Government of Dubai

This initiative aims to organize the advertising process of announcements that reflect an entity’s unified and consistent framework; a framework that highlights the cooperation of government entities and the positive image of the Government of Dubai, enhancing the government's reputation and public image in accordance with the government’s identity.

The standard advertising strategy for government entities is based on chapter (II) of the Government's Communication Guide, which emphasizes the importance of inter- government coordination and leads to unifying the Government’s image, strengthening of institutional unity, and preventing duplication.

This strategy considers the participation of the members of The General Network of Government Communication in setting the annual agenda for unified advertising under the Government of Dubai. This strategy is also keen not to influence the marketing plans of any government entity that publishes promotional advertisements for its communal activities and services.