Government Communication Gateway

              The Future of Government

The importance of government communication has augmented with its growing role in supporting the government’s goals and strategies whilst ensuring its targeted messages reach all segments of society, consequently, contributing to affirming the partnership between the government and the society.

Government communication play a strategic role in the Government of Dubai’s agenda and supports its policies of innovation, vision of the future, and delight of people through adopting the latest communication practices. It plays an important role in spreading awareness of strategic initiatives and government services to cope with the rapid changes in the global media landscape, in line with the aspirations of Dubai to be the most vibrant city in the world, and its leadership vision of excellence.


The General Network of Government Communication (GNGC)

In line with the aspirations of the emirate of Dubai to reach the top ranks globally, it was necessary to emphasize the pivotal role of government communication officials in embodying the emirate's vision and mission through ambitious initiatives based on future vision, innovation, and government integration, in order to create a unique and leading practices for the Government of Dubai that the world will learn from and follow.

In 2009, the Government of Dubai formed the General Network of Government Communications, which includes communication leaders in government departments and agencies to achieve the following:

  • Strengthen the identity and reputation of the Government of Dubai by promoting of the identity regionally and globally in an effective, consistent, and influential manner.
  • Establish a clear and consistent framework for the publication of government news and success stories with a one-voice approach to support the leadership vision in Dubai.
  • Create a governmental platform for interaction and exchange of experiences, knowledge, best practices, as well as promoting partnership and integration among different government entities.
  • Adopt and apply best global practices and stimulate the culture of innovation in the government communication sector.
  • Develop individuals’ empowerment programs to achieve excellence and continuous development in communication through the development and implementation of advanced global programs aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of government communication managers and future leaders.
  • Create effective channels for proposals and data analysis in an instantaneous way to measure the effectiveness of government communication performance in the Government of Dubai.