Capacity Building


Capacity Building in Goverment Communication

The work of Government Communication involves supporting initiatives aimed at developing the government communication sector, to ensure the development of human resources through providing the necessary information and resources for the development of executive programs. These programs will contribute to creating a main resource for developing the skills and knowledge of government communication employees, and train them to implement the latest tools in government communications, in line with future trends.

The General Secretariat of the Executive Council has adopted a new phase-out plan with a primary focus on building governmental capacities and skills through organizing several strategic training programs and courses that support the achievement of the government communication objectives. This comes in line with impending changes and the aspirations of the future government and coordinating communication efforts between government entities with the best practices in this field.

Government communication training programs play a significant role in enhancing the competencies and capabilities of government communication officers to apply knowledge as specialists in government communication, in addition to providing them with the latest tools , best practices, and future trends in this sector.

Executive Program in Government Communication

This program was developed jointly by the General Secretariat of the Executive Council and the American University of Dubai (AUD) | represented by The Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication in Dubai. The program targets a group of staff at the administrative levels in governmental entities .

The program focuses on the latest advancements, technologies, best practices, and future trends in the communication sector, to enhance their skills and build their capability to apply the knowledge they gained in their respective areas. A dynamic and thought-provoking environment which will inspire participants to think outside the box, apply new ways, and engage in vigorous discussions of the world's most widely discussed ideas and subjects.

The training program consists of three modules:

  • Public Relations in Government Organizations
  • Digital Media
  • Marketing and Designing of Institutional Brands

In the first phase, the program will tackle Public Relations in Government Organizations, where the participants will learn how to build and strengthen relations with the local, regional and international media, design media campaigns to bridge the digital gaps, and introduce the desired media image of the UAE and national values.

The second phase will deal with the concept of digital communication in detail. The participants will learn about the digital world, the scientific basis for attracting attention, and how to measure the user experience on digital communication platforms.

The third phase of the program will include the design and marketing of an institutional brand, where the participants learn about brand identity, culture and image, and how to reflect the identity of an institution through communications, in addition to learning about the importance of reflecting the identity of government entities through their employees.