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Dubai Font

The Dubai Font is a project commissioned by His Highness, Sheikh Hamdan, and launched by The Executive Council of Dubai in partnership with Microsoft. The font reflects modernity and is inspired by the city. With a font family of 4 weights, it was designed to create harmony between Latin and Arabic. The very form of Dubai Font celebrates the union of heritage and innovation, giving the world access to a new form of high-quality typography. This is the first time that a typeface, created specifically for a city, is integrated with Microsoft and is available for free to all users worldwide. The Dubai Font is more than just a font. It is an embodiment of a vision – one of promoting literacy, unity, and forward-thinking laced with tradition, carrying within it aspirations beyond its outlines. It is young, dynamic, and full of passion and energy.

This typeface is designed to ignore barriers and empower everyone by offering high quality design that is optimized for reading on screen and free for use in design, office communication, and even embedding in applications. The font will reach over 85 million in 180 countries worldwide, thanks to Microsoft. The government of Dubai approached Microsoft with the idea of partnering on a new font family, ones that would not only be useful for Office customers, but one that would also fill gaps in the Office font set and be used worldwide.

Self-expression is an art form. Through it you share who you are, what you think and how you feel to the world. To do so you need a medium capable of capturing the nuances of everything you have to say. The Dubai Font does exactly that. It is a new global medium for self-expression. By celebrating the past and embracing the future, transcending all barriers, the Dubai Font is the voice of our brave new world. It is available worldwide in Office 365.